Monday, April 13, 2015

RT Family Picnic

Every year, RT does a family picnic and it is something we all look forward to each spring.  This year it was a carnival themed day and so much fun!  There were carnival games, food trucks, rock climbing, trampoline bouncing, cotton candy, inflatables, and more. :-)

The first thing the girls hopped in line for was the trampoline bouncing.  They were harnessed in and attached to these giant bungee cords that basically helps them to jump super high!

 They both loved it and I though for sure Hudson would want a turn, but after waiting in line with the girls he changed his mind.

What he did love were all of the carnival games and the prizes he won.  My purse kept getting more and more full with all of his goodies.

And after eating some delicious food truck lunches, they were back at it again.  This time they pulled out the big guns and were all determined to win a stuffed animal.  Daddy might have had to help pull this off, but they were all so happy!

And, don't let them holding those animals fool you.  Y'all can guess who ended up like a pack mule by the end of the day...ME!!!  

Before heading out they got to try the jousting, which was pretty entertaining for all of us watching.

 It was a great day of fun, friends, and family and Hudson is already asking when we can go back!

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Stefanie said...

Just did a major blog catch up. Love the family pics you got for Easter! The kids all look great! And I was laughing at you toting all those stuffed animals Saturday. You guys must have cleared them out ;)