Monday, April 20, 2015

Run for Research

Every year we look forward to the RT Run for Research and this year was especially fun because Mimi and Dadaw were in town and decided to run/walk with us.  It's a great event that raises a ton of money for Parkinson's disease every year.

The kid's 1K race was first and all three of my kiddos were super excited to run.  They all lined up and got ready to go.

When they took off I was a little nervous someone would fall because it had been raining all night, the road was slick, and they were running downhill.  Thankfully, everyone stayed on their feet and ran like lightening.

Robby ran with Hudson and I'm so glad he did because they turned the corner and were out of sight for a few minutes.

There was a police escort to close down the roads and a "running guide" to help them go in the right direction, but when I couldn't see them I was a little worried that they would be OK.  Next thing I know the first kid came running up the hill.  It was a girl that was smoking everyone!  Behind her were two older boys and then I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw HARPER coming up the hill.  She was going so fast and ended up the second place girl.  Handley was right behind her as the 3rd place girl.

Then were were a lot of other finishers before the youngest runners started coming back to the finish line.  When I caught sight of Hudson he was running just as fast as he could. He had a huge smile on his face and his little arms were just a swinging. :-)

Robby said he ran the entire way!  

After the kids caught their breaths and took advantage of the free sports drinks, the little two settled in to the stroller to get ready to ride the 5K and Handley was ready to walk it with me.  We jogged for a little while, but she was ready to walk quickly after that and I was fine to keep her pace.  She was very proud of herself for finishing the entire thing!

Mimi ended up 4th in her age category and Dadaw had fun walking and running across the finish line with Hudson at the end.

After we all cooled off we collected our goodie bags (the kids favorite part) and made our way to the vendor village to stock up on lots of fun goodies like these personalized cans.

It was a great morning, lots of fun, and the best way to kick off our busy, but fun weekend.

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