Thursday, April 23, 2015

Harper's Frozen Party

Saturday was a big day for us. Not only did we run the 5K in the morning, (you can read about that HERE), but we came right home to get ready for Harper's Frozen birthday party.  When she told me she wanted a Frozen part at first I was a little unsure. I thought it had been overdone and was hoping to come up with something a little more original, but after looking on Pinterest I got some inspiration and was excited about planning her party.

I was a little worried it might be raining, but thankfully it held off, which meant all of the kids could play the games outside!  We played Pin the Nose on Olaf, snow ball toss, and I also had an Olaf piñata.

I didn't get many pictures of the actual whacking of the piñata because I was too worried about someone getting hit with the baseball bat.  All of the kids got one good swing and hit before the candy started to fall out.

Then Robby just ripped it in half and started shaking the candy/goodies all over.  The kids loved it!

To eat we served Anna's Frozen Hearts (strawberries), Sven's Carrots, and Olaf Snack Mix (popcorn, Cheetos, and pretzel sticks).

To drink we offered Glacier Juice (Blue Hawaiian juice and Sprite) and Melted Snow, which the kids all though was so fun. :-)

Harper doesn't really care for cupcakes (although she loves the icing) so instead she asked for cookies made by the very talented Christy.  I absolutely LOVED the cookies she did for the party and they matched perfectly!

All in all, it was a great party.  I had a great time planning all of the details, the kids had lots of fun, the weather held off, my house didn't too messy and our sweet SIX year old felt so special that day, which was my whole goal to begin with!

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