Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The 80's, A Superhero, and Hawaii

Random title, I know, but I somehow forgot to post two great pictures.  Last week the girls had 80's day at school and I had so much fun helping them pick out their outfits.  Handley was LOVING it and told me she wished she could wear that kind of stuff everyday. Harper toned her outfit down a lot in the morning from what we had picked out, but she kept the leg warmers, which was really cute.  

Also last week, I loved sharing a bit into my day on Instagram (@TheMagnoliaMamas and @carriebethp).  After dinner we've been trying to get outside and take an evening walk around the neighborhood in between all of the rain we've been having.  On this particular evening, I was lucky enough to have a superhero escort me.  :-)  I just love being a boy mom and this little guy makes me smile so much.

And lastly, I have one quick and funny story to share.  Last night when we were eating dinner, Harper told me she was going to live in Hawaii when she grows up.  She and Handley always talk about moving to the same place so they can be neighbors and still see each other a lot.  She asked if Handley would be coming with her to Hawaii and this is how the conversation went down. 

Harper: I'm going to live in Hawaii when I grow up.  Handley do you want to come with me there?  
Handley: I think that is too far away and besides, what if your husband doesn't want to go?
Harper (in a very matter of fact way): I'm just going to find a husband that wants to live there, too.  

Ha! I was cracking up and told Robby the story later that night and he started calling her Miss Hawaii.  That girl is a hoot! 

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