Monday, March 31, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal Day

This past weekend my cousin, Kaitlyn, got married and we had the best time during all of the wedding festivities.  Handley and Harper were two of her flower girls and they were so excited about their duties.  We left for North Carolina on Thursday afternoon after school and got to my parents' house a little before midnight.  Friday morning the girls and I went with my mom to get our nails done and then it was time for the bridal luncheon. It was held at Capt'n Bill's, my aunt and uncle's restaurant.  The girls got to meet Mary Ryan, the other flower girl, and they all became fast friends.  Kaitlyn gave them all Bride Barbies along with monogrammed pearl bracelets and lots of other goodies.

After lunch the kids took advantage of the outdoor volleyball portion of the restaurant and went to town playing in the sand.

From the lunch it was time for the rehearsal. The girls learned all about their jobs during the wedding, where to walk, how to stand, and did a fantastic job practicing.

The wedding and ceremony were on Figure Eight Island over looking the water. It was such a beautiful backdrop!  

Next up was dinner where the mother of the groom outdid herself with accommodating the kids who were in attendance.  She had little bags made up for them with all sorts of toys, goodies and things to keep them entertained.  They also had a little room off of the main dining area with Frozen playing for the kids.

After dinner we made our way back to Capt'n Bill's for the after party.  All of the extended families of the bride and groom were there to meet, greet, and have a good time.  The kids danced, played, and ran around like crazy.  So much so, that Hudson slept until 10:30 AM the next day!