Saturday, March 22, 2014

Six Flags Fun

Every year we look forward to the RT Family Picnic Day. It's always at a fun location and this year was Six Flags!  The kids were looking forward to this day and it was so cute to see their reactions when we drove up and saw the giant roller coasters from the interstate and then from the parking lot. I remember my brother's and I used to have the same reaction when we were little and would get so excited about all of the fun we were getting ready to have.

We spent the first part of the day trying to find rides the kids were tall enough to ride.  Handley and Harper really wanted to ride the big rides, but even Handley wasn't tall enough to do some of them.  Then, we got smart and just made our way to the kiddie area knowing they could ride all of those rides.  They had so much fun and the great think about that area is that there are no lines and no waiting.

After riding a few rides alone, we met up with our friends and the kids ran from ride to ride.

They also convinced Robby to stand in with them for the Mine Train roller coaster.  It was Harper's first roller coaster and she came off with a huge smile saying how much fun she'd had.  From the picture it looked like Robby had fun, too.

Handley and Avery were thrilled to get to ride the roller coaster by themselves and Handley was proud to keep her hands up the entire time (or so she says).

After lunch at the picnic pavilion, face-painting and balloon animals, we made our way back to the kid area for a few more rides.  Hudson got to try out his first ever roller coaster.  He looked terrified the entire time, but as soon as it stopped he told me he wanted to ride again.  Then we did a few of their favorites one more time before getting an ice cream and making our way home.

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