Monday, March 10, 2014

Signs of Spring

This weekend showed us some signs of spring and the warmer weather had us all just so happy.  There's something about the sunshine that does my soul good.  We spent lots of time outdoors, including Harper's soccer practice and a visit to a playground which sandwiched our time spent shopping for a new couch.  Let me just say, in case you are considering furniture shopping with three small kids, I would advise against it.  I think we made our selection based on the fact that we just don't want to even attempt that again.  What's funny to me is that every time we even mentioned another store we wanted to look at all we heard from the back seat were groans and complaints about how boring this was.  However, the second we stepped foot into each store Hudson saw it as a giant playground to jump and climb on and the girls wanted to test out every.single.couch or chair and pick up every pamphlet or flyer on every piece of furniture.  ALL of them.

Today the nice weather continued so the youngest two and I stopped by a playground while we waited for Handley to get out of school and then when we got home we spent the rest of the day outside playing.  The kids played frisbee, rode bikes, and found/sorted rocks for their rock collection.

At one point I was in the back playing with Hudson when Harper and came running at me with a sense of urgency making me thought someone had broken a bone.  She could hardly get out any words, but then I heard, "ice cream" and "please get your money" and I knew that could only mean one thing.  I'm a sucker for the ice cream truck and it reminds me of my childhood when my brothers and I would do the same thing to our parents when we heard that bell.  Who could say no to the first ice cream truck pass of the season.  Obviously not me because next thing I knew all three kids were eating their selections.  At 5:30 PM.  Before we had even thought about eating dinner.  I loved it though and a tiny part of it felt like the lazy days of summer I think we are all longing for!

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