Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday Fun

Today Handley's school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day so while the teachers enjoyed a nice luncheon parent volunteers covered the classrooms.  It was also Hat Day and Teddy Bear Day.  

Jen watched Hudson for me and even took him out to lunch with her crew while I was at Handley's school.  After that I met her at our new house to get him back and to show her around the house.  One of Hudson's favorite things about the new house is all of the nature there. He loves walking through the trees, looking for "big sticks" and anything else he can find.  That's exactly what he was doing when I was moving his carseat from Jen's car back to mine.  When I told him it was time to go pick up Handley from school he was not interested and was pretty vocal that he did not want to go see Handley.  My compromise to get him in the car and out of nature was to bring nature with us in the car.  You do what you gotta do and I was already running late.  With that one, I've learned to pick my battles.  

After we got Handley and on the way to her ballet class, we were all having a sing-along to the Frozen soundtrack.  The girls were giggling and said that even Hudson was singing along. :-)  We were all so happy to have the school week behind us and to be heading into the weekend! (And don't worry...we were stopped at a red light when I took this picture.)

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