Monday, March 31, 2014

Wedding Day

The wedding day was rainy, just as the weather folks had predicted.  It didn't put a damper on the fun though and in fact, the rain stopped just before the ceremony and although it wasn't the sunny backdrop I'm sure Kaitlyn had hoped for, it was still a beautiful ceremony.  

The girls and I went over to the venue early so they could be there for some pictures ahead of time and they loved getting to test out the dance floor, see all of the "big girls" getting ready, and check out all of the decorations before everyone else got to see it.  

The yacht club had awesome views and the girls loved seeing all of the big boats out the big glass windows.

The flower girls did a fantastic job and made us all proud.  They did just like they had practiced and felt so big and important getting to stand up with the bridesmaids during the ceremony.  

After eating at the reception, we all danced the night away. They had a band that played beach music, along with lots of other favorites, and we all had the best time. Harper even danced with the sweet ring bearer at one point and Handley loved the electric slide and cha-cha slide.  Hudson had to be dragged off the dance floor at the end of the night and he was hamming it up with all of the ladies. His signature move, which I unfortunately did not get on video was him laying down (think dead-bug) and wanting someone to spin him around on his back.  You'd think that would have gotten old, but nope. He did it over and over and over all night long.

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