Friday, January 3, 2014

Loving Christmas Break

This Christmas break has been so much fun and makes me so excited about summer. The kids have all been getting along together great (for the most part) and we've had lots of fun meeting up with friends we don't see all that often.

Earlier this week we saw Frozen for the second time with Avery and Dylan.  It was just as good the second time and the company was great, too.

Tuesday we met up with Harper's friend from school last year.  Parker and Harper had lots of fun playing on the Chick-fil-a playground. Thursday we met our friends Annabelle, Emerson, Jake and Reece at the mall for some playtime.  We hadn't seen them in forever and it was so great to let the kids catch up while the mom's did, too.

Today we saw Handley's friend from school last year and then Gigi took all the grandkids to the movies (to see Frozen for the third time!!!  Did I mention my kids LOVE that movie.) while Robby and I met the cabinet guy at our new house.  The week flew by, but it was lots of fun and we got lots of friend time in.


Julie, the mama said...

I feel the same way about summer. I am ready now.

That made me giggle about another trip to see Frozen. Those kids are going to know every word BEFORE it comes out on DVD!

Jennifer said...

Okay I just have to say Jake is the cutest thing ever with his shopping cart and ninja turtle! :)