Sunday, January 19, 2014


Friday afternoon Handley came home with her weekly behavior sheet and it said she had been "Very Talkative" that week and that it was keeping her from staying on task. I was so disappointed when I saw that because I talk to her constantly about being good at school, paying attention, and not talking (something her teacher had mentioned once before).  Now, don't get me wrong...I obviously think there are much worse things than talking.  I really think it is great that she is so social and friendly with her classmates.  However, I reminded her that there was a time and place for the chit-chat and that it was unacceptable to be getting in trouble at school for talking in class.  After discussing it a little more, she told me her seat was moved to a new table because she had been such a chatterbox that week.  You'd think that would have solved the problem, but NO!  She KEPT talking at the new table and got in trouble for talking there, too. I was really upset when I heard that and couldn't believe that she wasn't able to correct her behavior.  We were also upset with her because she hadn't told us this was happening this week.  Because of her behavior at school, she has lot the privilege to play with her ipod touch until she brings home her next behavior sheet on Friday with the words "Great Week" and a big ole' smiley face on it.  She was devastated and said next Friday felt like it was SO far away, but I think it is just what she needs to remind herself to get back on track.  This mama don't around.

Besides that little mishap, we had a great start to our weekend.  Breakfast for dinner on Friday night, a lazy day at home on Saturday where the kids had all sorts of old-fashion fun.

At one point I was busy doing laundry and things around the house and next think I knew, Hudson was asleep on the couch.  It was around his naptime, but since he can kind of go either way with a nap these days, I had planned on just letting him skip one that day.  I guess he had other plans though and I think this was the first time he has ever just fallen asleep like that if it wasn't in the car.

Today was a busy day with Parker's birthday party, shopping for the new house, and our dinner club with some of our best friends. It was a pretty awesome day and the kids and I are all very happy that they get tomorrow off of school too so we have one more day of fun.

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