Monday, January 13, 2014

Girls Day

We had a pretty low-key weekend. On Saturday the girls had been begging for a "girls day" so Robby took advantage of that and decided to take Hudson to the boat show.  While they were off doing that the girls got all dolled up, packed their little purses and then we had fun dancing in the car, shopping for fabric and lighting for the new house and having lunch out.  They were so sweet and it was fun to be out with them all day.  

The had so much fun hunting for fabric with me and loved picking out their favorites for their new rooms.

By the last stop they were SO over it and literally begging not to go into the store.  However, I'm so happy I made them go because I scored some great lights at a really low price for our new house.  As we got back in the car Handley was telling me that she just couldn't walk anymore and I explained to her the meaning of shop till you drop...we literally did it that day!  

Sunday Robby worked like a dog at the new house to clear some more of the forest that is there and while he was gone the house so the kids and I got lots done around Gigi and Papa's.  They got lots of playtime outside in the sunshine and I got started on a project I'm working on for the new house... more pictures to come soon! 

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Julie, the mama said...

I am SO EXCITED about seeing all of the fun new stuff for the new house.

Can you BELIEVE our kids are old enough to do things like girls activities and boys activities without either parent feeling like they got the bad end of the stick?!

I knew this stage would be good, but had no idea just HOW good!