Friday, January 10, 2014

It's FRIDAY!!!

Let me just say, the best daddies come right in from work and get to work piercing an American Girl Doll's ears.  Harper had been asking for some time and Robby was never home at the times she asked about it, but last night the timing worked out and she was so happy.  Now, she is contemplating getting her own ears pierced for her 5th birthday, just like Handley did.  I'm not so sure she will really go through with it, but maybe, just maybe she will.  I told her it is totally up to her!

Today was a crazy busy day and I felt like I had run a marathon by 10:30 AM.  I had to meet the electrician at our new house bright and early, which is always tricky since the littlest two love to sleep and are so hard to get going in the morning.  From there we were rushing and literally running inside the pre-school to get Harper there on time and then Hudson and I continued running to get to Handley's school so I could be the parent reader for her class.  Hudson just loves going to Handley's school and he was so cute sitting right there with all of the big kids listening to me read the books.  After that we were off and running to get to Hudson's tumbling class.

This afternoon at Handley's ballet class she got to try on her costume for the recital and was so excited. It's a Cinderella theme this year and her class is playing the part of Lucifer (the cat)...hence the ears.

One the way home this afternoon, Handley was hurrying to draw everyone pictures before we got out of the car.  While sitting in traffic, at the end of a long day, my sweet girl passed me this note and it totally made my day.

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