Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back at it...

Today we were back at it.  Our normal school routine of waking up early, sitting in traffic, and being on the go, go, go.  As much as I loved our break from it, there was just a little bit of me that was happy to be back in our routine today.

While Harper and Handley were at school, I took Hudson to his sports class.  He has so much fun there and loves all the skills he is learning.  After that we hit up Lowe's to return something and spent a little time browsing their lighting aisles.  I have so much fun when it is just the two of us. He is so funny and has the cutest personality.

He has a little tape measure that he found at my parents' house over Christmas and didn't want to put it down the whole time we were there. My dad told him he could bring it home with him and it has been in his hand or clipped on his pants non-stop.  Not only does he pretend to measure things with it, but it also doubles as a sword.  This morning he was very specific about how he wanted it clipped onto his pants so he could walk around measuring everything in sight.  It seemed so appropriate since we were in the home improvement store.

This afternoon the girls took their first tumbling class.  I had been promising Handley for a while now that she could take gymnastics or tumbling since cheerleading was over.  Some friends had told me about an all-star cheerleading/tumbling place and it worked out that they can both be in the same class since it is based on skill.  They did a trial class tonight and when it was over they were both beaming and said they loved it and had the best time.  They asked if they could go back tomorrow for another class.  I took that as a great sign and registered them both. There was an advanced class going on at the same time so they got the chance to see lots of older girls doing all sorts of tucks and twists.

Seeing all of those fancy tricks tonight prompted Handley to tell me she no longer wants to be a teacher when she grows up and instead wants to be a cheerleader.  I tried explaining to her she could easily do both.  Meanwhile, Harper says she wants to be a mommy and a worker at Kroger...that girl loves working a cash register!

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