Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whirlwind weekend

Our weekend started out bright and early on Saturday getting ready for Handley's cheerleading game.  They did their group pictures ahead of the game and then there was a lot of standing around to wait for their game to start.  It's always fun to be there though because we see SO many people we know.  A lot of families from the pre-school are there and some of the teachers and their families, too.

Handley did a great job cheering again this weekend and because her coach was back this week, I got to watch a little more than I did last week.

We came home to a mountain of mulch in our driveway and after a quick lunch Robby and the girls made their way outside to start spreading it.  The girls lasted all day and I couldn't believe how excited they were about helping out.  Harper's sweet friend, Parker, also stopped by on Saturday for a quick visit, which she LOVED! :-)  They are always so cute together and this was no exception.

Saturday night we had some friends over to watch the game, but since it didn't start until late, the kids got to play outdoors!

Sunday we made our way up to visit with Gigi and Papa and also celebrated Robby's birthday with them since they were out of town last week on his real birthday weekend.

While we were there Harper and Handley basically held Gigi hostage upstairs in her playroom.  I went up to check on them at some point and found them playing the funniest game.  Handley was pretending to be Gigi putting on her make-up and Harper was Fatima (the lady who cleans Gigi's house) cleaning the kitchen.  Those two are a hoot!

After we got on the road Robby nudged me to check out the backseat where ALL THREE kids were snoozing away.  They got to have a quick rest before we ended our day at Leah's 2nd birthday party.  It was a whirlwind, but it was a wonderful weekend!


Julie, the mama said...

That sleeping picture might be my favorite EVER. I bet the kids are going to LOVE looking back at that one one day!

Atkinson Family said...

Love that all three snoozing picture! Glad you had such a great weekend!

Stacey said...

This is great! Especially of all of them sleeping!