Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Portrait

Since Handley was born I've wanted a big family portrait hanging in my house.  However, I knew I wanted more children, so I waited.  Then Harper came along and again I contemplated a big picture.  However, I really felt like we were going to add one more to our family and then our sweet baby boy, Hudson, arrived.  Finally, we are complete.  And finally, I have my big family portrait hanging in my house!  To say I love it, is an understatement.  I saw an idea for a frame I loved on Pinterest and then Jen from At First Sight Photography helped me with ordering a custom frame to showcase one of the beach pictures she took of us this summer.  I walk past it every chance I get and every time I see it I stop and smile.  

The temperatures have cooled off a little this week and it has been gorgeous outside.  A lot of days that I have to fill the 1-2 pm hour between picking up Harper and Handley I take the kids to a nearby little playground.  Today we invited Parker to come with us and it was fun for everyone.  I picked up Harper and Parker from school and we were on our way! Parker's mom sent a special snack for the kids to enjoy and after eating it they were ready to play. 

Parker is just the sweetest little boy and I am so thankful that he and Harper gravitated towards each other last year.  I enjoyed having him spend a little time with us this afternoon just as much as Harper did.  He's got the cutest personality and is such a sweetheart.  They were both sad to leave when we had to head back to the school.  I promised them we would do it again very soon though!

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