Sunday, September 9, 2012

Robby's Birthday Dinner

Friday morning as we were getting ready to leave to take Handley to school, Harper was moping around and pouting because she wasn't going to school.  She asked me about several of her friends from the neighborhood, and I told her they all had school that day.  She proceeded to tell me, "that's not fair...all my friends get to go to school and I have to stay home."  I explained to her that she got to go on Thursday when they all had to stay home, but she didn't care.  Her response was, "Well, I'm not very happy about this."  I tried to get her excited about being home with Hudson and I and told her we were going to buy Daddy a birthday present.  Right away she knew she wanted to get him a big bag of M&M's (his favorite candy).  Just before we left the house she ran upstairs and came back down with "two monies" (pennies) to help buy his present.

She kept those monies in her pocket the whole trip and helped pick out the biggest bag or M&M's we could find at Wal-Mart.  At the checkout counter I paid and as we were walking out the doors to the parking lot she remembered her money.  I had completely forgotten.  I told her she could save it since I had already paid, but she told me she really wanted to buy the M&M's so we turned ourselves around, found the sweet lady who had checked us out and Harper gave her the penny's.

Later that afternoon we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  Hudson discovered that he could climb up to the top of the playground area and Harper was excited to help him slide down.  However, once he got up there he really didn't want to get down. I kept thinking I would be climbing up myself to get him down, but she eventually convinced him to slide down.  He came down backwards, half upside down and looking quite uncomfortable, but he was squealing and smiling and loving it!

That afternoon while Hudson was napping I got ready for a dinner/date night with some of our friends to celebrate Robby's birthday.  As I was curling my hair, Harper came in and asked me why I was making my hair ruffly.  I thought that was just so cute and I asked her if she had ruffly hair, but she told me hers was curly.

My sweet cousin, Bryn, recently moved to Atlanta and I am so excited that she is nearby now.  She came over and babysat for us Friday night and the girls were thrilled.  They watched out the window for her for at least an hour before she arrived.  After giving her all the instructions for bedtime, we were off to meet our best friends for dinner at Robby's favorite, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  We had a wonderful dinner and loved getting to catch up and laugh with all of our friends.

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