Friday, September 14, 2012

A reminder...

Today I got to have a nice long chat with a dear friend from college.  She just had her 3rd baby a few days ago and listening to her share her overwhelming love for her sweet new baby girl made me long for that that time back with my babies.  Our conversation was just such a huge reminder for me to slow down, enjoy the stage I'm at and soak up every second I can with all three of my kids.  Earlier this week we started watching some old video clips of Handley from around the time she was two.  It was fun to watch, but made me sad at the same time because I feel like I don't even remember that stage.  It passed so quickly.  Too quickly.  Now that I'm in tears typing this, I'm going to remind myself, once again, to just let all the "extra" stuff go and focus my time on what really matters...spending time with my kids, cherishing these days with them little and making sure they know just how loved they are.   

That being said, I've really been enjoying my one on one time with Hudson while the girls are at school.  Just this week he seems so much bigger and older to me.  I love this sweet age he is at.  He's saying a lot of new words, doing a lot of new things, and understanding.  

He loves to point to things now and say "that" and he also loves to say "uh-oh" when he drops something or sees something on the ground.  It's so cute because a lot of times he will say "uh-oh" and point around before he even has found something to show me.  He can also say "Dada" which is also sometimes "Gaga"but means the same thing and "ba-ba" which mean "baby." I think he is saying his version of "Harper" because every time I mention picking her up at school he tries to repeat her name. He can also say his version of "hug."  He loves to do a big exaggerated hug with me where he will lay his head on my shoulder, say "hug" and give me a long squeeze. Then he will lean back, look at me, and do it again.  I'd play that game with him all day long if he let me.  

Earlier this week I was reading him a peek-a-boo book that teaches body parts.  We've read it a lot of times and he loves to play peek-a-boo at the end, but I was floored when he pointed to his mouth and held up his feet when I asked him where those parts were.  I called everyone in his room to see his trick, but of course he wouldn't perform under pressure. 

One other cute thing that happened today while we were running errands.  We were in a craft/fabric store because I needed a certain color thread and a few other things.  After I got it off the shelf he was pointing to it and saying "that" so I let him hold it.  When we got up to the register I told him to put it down and he set it on the counter.  Then after we paid he pointed to the bag and wanted to carry it.  He held on tight until we got to our car and then I opened the front door and told him to put the bag on the seat...and he did and he knew exactly what I was telling him.  I was shocked and it just proved to me that he is understanding way more than I give him credit for.  

Before we picked up the girls from school today we met our friends at the park to play and have a picnic.  It was Leah's 2nd birthday and her mom, Lisa, brought cute sprinkle cookies for the kids to have to celebrate.  Hudson wanted no part of his lunch, but had no problem scarfing down the cookie.  He has such a sweet tooth! 


Jennifer said...

Love this post! I tear up a lot. I feel like I blinked and twenty months are gone! Hudson is gettin so big!!! He was so cute talking and playing on the playground. Even in the picture he looks like total toddler!

Renee said...

I does go by way too fast! Thanks for the reminder to slow down!!

Ashleigh Finger said...

You are so right! Time is just flying by, and it's hard to slow down sometimes. I love reading about Hudson because he and Kate are so similar:)