Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pink or Blue???

Tonight Trey and Stefanie had their families over for a gender reveal dinner party!  They went to an early ultrasound place yesterday and found out the sex of their baby.  :-)

We all got to vote BOY or GIRL and enjoy pizza and cupcakes for dinner.  

The kids ran around outside in the yard and then it was time for the big reveal. Trey and Stefanie already knew, so it wasn't a surprise for them, but it was for everyone else.  We even got my mom on FaceTime so she could be included in the reveal, too.  

All the kids were beating on the box waiting for it to open!

I love this picture!  They already knew it was a girl, but I just love the joy you can see on both of their faces.

We're all excited about a new baby GIRL and can't wait to welcome her next March!!!


Stefanie said...

Yay for little girls!!!! I love all your pictures! Thanks again for coming tonight!

Renee said...

That picture of them opening the box is perfect! So sweet!