Thursday, August 2, 2012


I mentioned earlier this week that the girls were doing a camp at their school.  They have had so much fun and have been very excited to go each day.  I know part of the reason was because they had their best friends with them.  Today was their last day, so a lot of the kids wore their camp t-shirts.

While they were at camp this week Hudson and I got a lot of errands done.  One thing I finally checked off my list was getting Handley (and Harper) a tennis racquet.  Handley is going to start tennis lessons this fall, but she's never played before so I wanted to let her at least hit the ball around in our driveway before she starts her lessons.  She was thrilled about the racquet and this afternoon we spent a lot of time out in the heat so she could play.  She really took to it and had a lot of fun.  After the first time she hit the ball really well something must have clicked.  She kept saying that she could really "feel" and "hear" how the ball hit her racquet and that she wanted to hit the ball like that again.  She didn't want to come in this evening and begged me to let her bring the racquet and ball in the house with her so she could practice more.  I'm hoping this is a sign that she is really going to like it!

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