Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school!

After seeing all of their friends start school over the past few weeks, they were excited it was finally their turn.  Both Handley and Harper were thrilled about the first day of school today!

Driving to school I had nervous and excited butterflies in my stomach for them.  I just hoped they would both have an excellent first day.  When we got there, Handley wanted to wait outside for some of her friends.  We ran into Addyson (who is in the other Kindergarten class) and also Harper's friend, Parker.

Harper seemed a little nervous walking to class, but went right in and put her folder and lunchbox away like Mrs. Nina told her to.  Handley was thrilled to reach her classroom, quickly found her cubby to put her lunch in, gave me and Hudson a quick hug, and was off to begin her day.

Lunch box notes on their napkins
When I picked Harper up at 1:00, she seemed happy and told me all about her day.  She was thrilled that she got to play on the "big" playground since she is 3 now and also that she had fun playing with friends (even though she didn't know some of their names) and that she got to paint.  She was a little confused as to why we couldn't pick up Handley right away.  Handley doesn't get out until 2:00, so I took Harper to get a little treat to kill the time.  She choose a smoothie from "Old McDonalds" (McDonalds).  Handley seemed to have a great day too.  She talked non-stop about all the things they did today and kept telling me over and over how much she liked school and how fun Kindergarten was.  I'm thrilled that they both had a great day and I am really excited about this school year for them!


Renee said...

Your girls always have the cutest dresses!! I am so glad they had a great first day of school!!

Ashleigh Finger said...

I love their dresses! Glad they had a good day

Erin said...

Payton always calls it "Old McDonalds" too! The girls are so cute!

Julie, the mama said...

LOVE the dresses, and I'm so glad the first day was wonderful for both of them.

We say Old McDonald's around here, too!