Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harper's Fall Activities

This week I've seen lots of friends post their kids' first day of school pictures and each time I see one I'm happy that I still have a week and a 1/2 with my girls at home.  Our fall schedule is going to be very hectic, but thankfully we are getting to ease into it.  This week began Harper's gymnastics and dance class.  She  was so excited about gymnastics yesterday that after breakfast she disappeared and next thing I knew she was standing in front of me saying "ta-da" in her leotard ready to go.  Her friends, Jake and Reece are taking the class with her, so she was thrilled to see them.  She also asked if I would text their mom to see how Reece was going to wear her hair because Harper wanted to match.

She did a great job at gymnastics and didn't stop moving once!  They keep them busy and active the whole time.  She followed directions great and did really well at everything they asked her to do.  She told me her favorite part was jumping in the foam pit!

Tonight was her dance class (which she is also taking with Reece).  The class is 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap.  She was excited to have her hair in a bun like ballerina's and told me she really had fun.

Entertaining Hudson for the hour during her class was not what I would describe as fun.  The waiting area in the studio is small and with today being the first day of class it was slam full of people.  All he wanted to do was crawl back and forth, which was fine, but every time I tried to pick him up if he was getting close to the crowds of people he flipped out and did his famous Houdini move.  I definitely got my workout.

I'm driving Robby's car this week while mine is being serviced and after getting everyone buckled and ready to come home I turned the key to discover the battery was dead.  Christy had already driven off and I knew I could call her to come back, but I thought Robby would be nearby.  I called him and he was all the way downtown in a meeting.  I quickly assessed what I could do and since it was approaching Hudson's bedtime I decided to try calling our friend's Bryce and Sarah.  They live very close and I knew Bryce would be able to help me out.  They came to our rescue, got the car started and sweet Sarah even followed me home to make sure we would get there OK.  A HUGE thank you to awesome friends that I can always count on to help me out in a bind.  Y'all are the best!


Renee said...

I just love her hair!! That blonde is too much for me!

Julie said...

Sounds like you have your hands full with Hudson! I'm sure I will know exactly what you mean in a year!