Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost through week one

Well, we've almost made it through week one of school.  We are all exhausted.  Mostly me, but I think the girls are ready for the weekend, too.  I knew we would be busy and I knew it would take some adjusting to since our summer was completely unscheduled and laid-back.  I think I'm most tired because I don't have the girls home to entertain Hudson like the usually do, so he's stuck with me and he's a full-time job and requires full-time attention.  He is sweet as can be, but all sorts of busy and messy, messy messy!  My friends with boys keep telling me he's just "boy" and boy is he ever.  He's also full of personality.  Everywhere we go he is waving and telling people "hey"and loves getting a response from them.  Another new game he does is toss his food off his tray and as soon as I get him down from his seat he crawls around and starts eating it off the ground.  Maybe I should just put it on the floor to get him to actually eat.

I'm feeling extremely thankful that he has always been pretty flexible as far as his nap schedule goes because now that we are not getting home until around 2:30 and then usually having to head right back out for some of the girls' activities, he has had to grab a nap when he can.  We're still tweaking our schedule and I think it might take a few weeks to get adjusted to it all, but we are on our way.

I think the transition has been a fantastic one for the girls and they can't say enough wonderful things about their classes, their teachers, and everything they are learning at school.  They've woken up early each day, ready to go.  One morning we were dressed, fed, and ready to go.  When Handley said, "Let's go to school!" I checked the clock and realized we had an hour before it was time to leave.  I doubt that will go on all year, but it's been a nice change to not be rushing out the door.

This morning, just before leaving for school. 
Harper was extremely proud to bring home her artwork that she created this week.  Her teachers made a special point to tell me that she is a really sweet girl in their class, follows directions really well, and is a joy to have in their class.  That made my day!  While we were waiting on Handley to get out of school this afternoon, Hudson was napping and she and I got some one-on-one time.  She told me all about the centers in her class and the new friends she is meeting.  Handley has been telling me all kinds of details about her Kindergarten class and she has been thrilled to go each day.  Tomorrow will wrap up her last day of the week and I couldn't be more proud of our big Kindergartner!

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Ashleigh Finger said...

Hudson and Kate sound like they could be best friends! Kate is always trying to eat off the floor too. Maybe they will have one strong immune system:)