Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This morning was Sneak-a-Peek at school and the girls got to visit their new classrooms and meet their teachers.  We went to Handley's classroom first.  Her sweet friend from her Pre-K class, Grace, was there and is going to be in Handley's class again this year.  They immediately picked up right where they left off and got busy playing in the kitchen area.

Handley's teachers are Mrs. O'Kelley and Mrs. Evans.  Mrs. O'Kelley was actually her cheerleading coach last year so we already know her.  She is fantastic and is sweet as can be.  I just know Handley is going to have a wonderful year in her class.  The room is bright, full of learning centers and activities, and we both got so excited seeing her name at her seat, on the word wall, and on bulletin boards.

I'm feeling really great about our decision to keep her at the pre-school for Kindergarten. There are only 9 kids in her class, with two teachers, so you can just imagine all the one-on-one attention she will get.  I've seen all of my friends' pictures and posts on facebook about their kids heading off to Kindergarten at a big school and riding the bus.  Today, Handley told me she couldn't wait to ride the bus.  I know if I were sending her to a big school I would probably be a lot more emotional than I am about her starting Kindergarten, but I have one more year to deal with the fact that she is growing up so fast.

Harper's teachers are Mrs. Nina and Mrs. Gloria.  Handley had these teachers for her 3-year class and they are both wonderful and extremely experienced.  They compliment each other perfectly and I'm excited for all they will teach Harper this year.  She ran right in and gave them both hugs, so I hope that is a good sign.  She was acting a little nervous while we were in the classroom, but I'm sure when she heads back on Monday she will be ready.  Her best pal, Parker, is going to be her class, so I know those two will help each other out through the first few days of figuring out the new classroom and teachers.


Julie, the mama said...

Oh, that kindergarten sounds PERFECT. From what I hear Hendley will be one of 20 something with ONE teacher. Just that statistic alone should make you know you made the right choice.

And it most definitely puts off the roller coaster of emotions for you another year.

Atkinson Family said...

So glad they love their teachers and classroom! It is going to be a great year!