Monday, March 7, 2016

Phone Dump {Part 1}

We've had a few busy and fun weeks back from our Winter Break.  I've had a ton of pictures taken on my phone and some things I don't want to forget about so here is a bunch of random pictures! 

Robby started traveling as soon as was got back and when he is gone these two always seem to make their way into my bed.  

 Handley recently completed a research project on the Georgia Regions and the region she focused on was the Georgia Barrier Islands and the animal she researched from that region was the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  To complete the project they had to create a shadow box in class. We gathered all the materials she would need and she did a great job putting it all together at school.

The girls had a bowling party to attend a few weeks ago and they were so funny talking about the bowling shoes they would have to wear.  They said, "We have fashion...we can't wear those!"  They did wear them and rocked the bowling shoe look. 

After the bowling portion of the party they got to play in the arcade for a little while.  On the last game right before we were leaving Harper hit the jackpot!  She was so excited...lucky girl. 

And these girls have been so excited about the warmer weather meaning they get to wear some of their new clothes!  We are ready for spring and the bright, fun colors that come along with it.

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