Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ski Trip: Day 5 and 6

We made the most of our last day of skiing by being up and out of the condo first thing.  Again, the kids were all eager to go and happy to be on the mountain.  

I kept joking, but was totally serious when I said that the most stressful part of this trip was making sure everyone got on the ski lift without any mishaps.  Just getting them all through the lines was exhausting, but actually getting up the line and being ready to hop on the lifts was tricky.  Thankfully, all of the staff working the lifts were super helpful and would gladly grab the kids and help hoist them up if needed.

We did a few runs on our go-to green and the kids got to do the "Haunted Forest" a few times. It was a trail through the woods that they absolutely loved.  There were tunnels and little obstacles through the trees.  

After that we decided to give the blues another go-round and this time the kids did amazing!  I think everyone was rested and refreshed and ready to go!  I'm still amazed when I think about the fact that they were skiing blues on their 4th day ever skiing.

That evening we walked into the downtown area of Breckenridge for pizza.  While we were eating it had started to snow and on our walk home it was pouring snow.  It was a cold, but fun walk back to our condo.

As soon as we walked in the kids were happy to warm up by the fire in the lobby.

The next day it was time to head home, but since our flight wasn't until later that evening, we spent the day exploring.  We visited Dinosaur Ridge just outside of Denver.

Here you can see real dinosaur bones and footprints!  It was really interesting to all of us, but Hudson loved it most of all!

Right across the street from Dinosaur Ridge were the famous Red Rocks.

A quick drive over and we were up close and personal with these giant formations.

There is an amphitheater there, which I'm sure would be amazing for a concert venue and lots of gorgeous views.

It was fun to show the kids around and get their perspective on things.  The layout and geography of the land is so different in Denver, so I'm happy we got to take some time exploring before heading to the airport.

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed a few hours so between that and the time change, we didn't arrive home until after 2 AM.  All that being said though, the kids did amazing during our travels and we could not have asked more of them.  It was such a fun trip and we all made tons of memories that will last forever.  Now we can't wait to go back skiing again next year!

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