Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sweetheart Dance

Last weekend Robby and I were out of town (more on that soon), but that was also the same weekend as the Sweetheart Dance at the girls' school.  I was so bummed that Robby wouldn't be there to take the girls, but then thought we might just have someone to fill in for him and Papa graciously agreed to take the girls. Not only did he attend one dance, but because of the way they split the age groups this year, he attended both sessions of the dance with each of the girls.

I loved getting pictures and updates from the girls as they primped and got ready for their special night.  Gigi went all out with face masks, make up, nail polish and special hair styles.  They both looked absolutely beautiful and so grown up!

A HUGE thank you to Papa for taking the girls to the dance and making it so special for them.  Also a BIG thanks to Gigi for helping them feel so beautiful.

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