Sunday, January 24, 2016


Well, we had a little bit of snow over the weekend!  The talk of the town on Thursday and Friday was the big storm heading to the east coast that might bring some snow to the south.  We were hopeful we'd get something and they prepared by dismissing school two hours early so that everyone could be home safely before it all began. Well the kids waited and waited for snow, but it wasn't doing anything so I finally put them to bed, but not before we flushed ice cubes down the potty and put on their PJ's inside out.  They went to sleep hoping their superstitions would help and it did.  Shortly after they were asleep it started snowing!  Now it didn't snow nearly as much as they had hoped, but when they woke up and saw some white stuff outside, they were all so excited and couldn't wait to get out in it and play.

We quickly had breakfast and got everyone bundled up.  The snow wasn't great for making snowballs, but they made do and still managed to throw snow at each other!  They slid in the snow, ran around, pretended to ice skate on icy patches, and loved every second of it.  Even Walker was loving it!

It didn't last long and they are hoping we'll get another real snow day soon, but for now we're looking forward to our upcoming ski trip and all of the snow they could imagine to play in!

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