Sunday, January 17, 2016

What We've Been Up To

I realize it has been a while since I've posted, but just a few days ago we were looking back at some of our blog book from past years and I realized just how much I love having these pictures and memories recorded somewhere.  I want to do better about posting more regularly.  You'll see in some of these pictures that I have a lot of pictures of Hudson and not as many of the girls.  It's sad, but I just see him more since the girls are in school all day and when they are home we are struggling to get homework completed and rushing from one activity to the next.  It's just the stage of life we are in.  

I really try to get the kids to help out around the house and give them little jobs that they need to complete.  Cleaning up their rooms, helping put away laundry and making their beds are some of these things.  I once read that when kids are 5 they should be able to make their beds.  The article said it won't look perfect by any means, but with practice it will get better each day.  I started doing this with the girls and now even Hudson, who is just 4 1/2, can make his bed.  It isn't perfect, but it's better than me having to do it.  On this day he was so proud to show me he did it without me even asking.  If you look closely you'll see the monogrammed pillow is upside down!  :-) 

This picture is so representative of Hudson right now. Two of the things he loves most...Ninja Turtles and Walker.  They were hanging out waiting for the girls to get home at the bus stop.  

Speaking of Walker, that dog is as loyal (and needy) as they come. When I'm home and the kids are all at school he is stuck to me like glue.  He follows me around, I take him on his walk, and he is never too far away.  On this day I was trying to do some crunches (sticking to my 2016 goal to take care of myself) and he was acting as my personal trainer to motivate me!

Everyday when I pick Hudson up from school he and his buddies race to "the field" to play for a few more minutes.  The field is just a grassy area outside of the playgrounds.  They make rock piles, look for treasures, play tag and recently they have been climbing trees.  He was so proud of himself!  

On Friday afternoon we had Handley and Harper's BFF's over for a playdate and had asked the girls if they wanted to bring pajamas and stay for pizza that night.  These girls all get along so well and had so much fun playing together.  They are the sweetest, most polite girls and the very best friends for my girls. I'm so thankful for their sweet friendship and the bond between them is amazing.  I can see them still remaining best friends through high's that special!  

Yesterday we got to cheer Harper on at her basketball game and then we were off to Parker's birthday party!  I can hardly believe he is about to be 5 years old!  Hudson was so happy to jump and play with his best buddy.

The girls loved jumping, but they were most excited about trying out the rock climbing wall.

I always say that Harper is the more athletic one of the two and overall she is and things come a little easier to her while Handley has to work really hard for things.  That was not the case for this though. Handley scaled the wall with ease and made it right to the top!

We're really excited about this being a 3 day weekend and while we would usually be getting ready for the week, instead we get an extra day to sleep in, play, and be with friends.

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