Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ski Trip: Day 3 & 4

On Tuesday morning the kids were all excited and happy to be going skiing again.  When it was time to drop them off with their instructor, Hudson got a little upset (I think because he really just wanted to ski with Robby again), but we promised we would see them at lunch and then he seemed OK. We loved Coach Chris and he was so great with the kids.  

 While the kids were off skiing with Coach Chris, the adults in the group took advantage of getting to ski together!

We broke off for a little while to explore more of the mountain and do some more challenging runs.

After lunch when we saw the kids again we were just amazed by how much they had learned and how well they were doing.  They followed along in a line like little ducks, waiting at each spot they were supposed to for everyone to catch up and to get instructions from Coach Chris. 

The next day we did a little more of the same, but this day we were on our own with the kids. Robby and I had a new appreciation for Coach Chris on this day.  Skiing and keeping up with 3 kids on the mountain is a challenge.  Especially when they are all pretty fearless and like going fast!

Right before lunch we took them to a blue run and it was a big mistake.  Everyone was tired and hungry and grumpy and falling and upset and just not having much fun.  The views sure were pretty though.  

It was on this run we decided to call it a day and stick to our original plan to take a break from skiing and do a little tubing instead.  

It was a good idea and we all had a lot of fun!  It was really warm on this day so the snow was melting a lot and the tubes wouldn't go as fast or as far as they said they normally would. We didn't know any different though, so we still had fun.  

You rode a little magic carpet thing up a hill with your tub and then lined up on one of the lanes to get  launched down. You could go individually or hold on to each other's tubes to go in a group. 

That evening we let the kids stay home with our friend's nanny while the adults enjoyed a nice dinner out. It was a great evening and fun to walk around the down and see everything lit up.  There were lights in all of the trees lining the main street area and it all looked so pretty in the snow!

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