Monday, March 21, 2016

Orlando Day 2 {Disney & Braves Game}

Our time in Orlando was going to be short, but sweet, so we had planned to wake everyone up bright and early to head to Disney for the first half of the day.  In fact, we got there just before the opened, a first for us!!!  We were able to see the little performance before they opened the gates and then were some of the first ones on the rides.  It made a HUGE difference getting there so early. We would ride a ride and the kids wanted to go on it again so we could hop back in line and go for a second ride.  

While Robby took the girls on Space Mountain, Hudson and I rode the Buzz Lightyear ride, twice.  He loves shooting the aliens with his laser gun and had the best time!  

Next we made our way to a few of the classics.  We rode the teacups and the Dumbo ride twice!

Then we also rode the Barnstormer (small roller coaster) twice and this is where I discovered that Hudson LOVED the fast rides best.  I already knew the girls were thrill seekers, but apparently Hudson is, too!

Knowing how much he loved the roller coasters, we made our way over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  After riding he claimed this was his VERY favorite.

The park was getting crowded and hot by this time, so we took a break for smoothies and ice cream!

And then we had time for one last ride before it was time for us to leave.  We had FastPasses for the race cars.  Robby rode with Hudson, I rode with Harper and Handley was tall/old enough to ride by herself!!!!  I was a little nervous to see her driving off on her own, but she did great! 

We stopped for a quick picture by the castle on our way out and, as you can see, Buddy was not really interested. Haha!

We got back to our room early afternoon and had time for a quick rest and the kids all needed it.  Last year I brought our stroller and no one wanted to ride in it, but this year Hudson kept asking why I didn't bring it because he said his legs were too tired of walking.  A rest was just what everyone needed.  Then we got changed and ready for the Braves game that evening.  We took a shuttle over to the stadium late afternoon and arrived just in time for the autograph session.  

The kids were super pumped about their autographed baseballs!  

After feasting on a lot of yummy ballpark food and desserts, we made our way to our seats to enjoy the game!

 We left just before the game was over and although the kids wanted to stay longer, it had been such a long day and everyone crashed when we got back to our room. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a recap of the last day of our trip!

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