Friday, March 25, 2016

Getting Ready for Easter

This week we've been all about getting ready for Easter!  On Thursday Gigi got to show up as the mystery reader in Hudson's class.  He had mentioned he would love for her to come read to his class and we were able to work it out for her to come this week while they are in town. He was SO excited and surprised. I think it absolutely made both of their days!

While they were having a big time together I was at Harper's class helping her teacher hide Easter Eggs. I love that she has a teacher who incorporates some fun stuff in to all of the rigorous school work that is expected of kids these days.  They are still little kids and like to have fun!  They were all so excited about their egg hunt and I was so happy I could be there to watch and help.

Hudson's class also had an egg hunt that afternoon and he came home so excited about finding a golden egg and just could not wait to dig in and see all of his treats.

Sadly, Harper got sick last night and had to miss school today, but the good news is it seemed to be quick lived and everyone else seems still happy and healthy!

This afternoon we dyed Easter Eggs and the kids loved it.  I have gotten out of doing this for the past few years because Gigi has always done it with the kids, but we couldn't let Easter come and go without this fun tradition so we got right to it today when Handley got home from school.

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