Monday, March 7, 2016

Phone Dump {Part 2}

Here is part two of my phone dump.  Lots of random pictures and events that have been happening recently.  :-)

With the weather being so nice recently, I felt motivated to pull out all of my Easter decorations and Walker was standing guard as I hung the wreaths on the front door. 

That nice weather didn't last long though because then it turned cold and rainy.  Just in time for the annual Art Show at the elementary school.  We braved the bad weather to view and purchase the girls'  art.  

And what do you know...the weather turned nice again.  Just in time for the start of soccer season!  Hudson had his practice this weekend and Harper had her first game.  They are both loving soccer this season.  Hudson has a ton of buddies in his team and his coaches are teaching them a lot, so I know it will be a great season.

 Harper is playing at a different place this year and so far, so good. It's where kids go to play that are going to get serious about soccer, so we thought it would be a good fit for Harper.  She's just playing in the rec league this spring, with hopes of getting a little more serious after this season.

On Saturday night we went over to Trey and Stefanie's house to help celebrate Will and Sophia's birthdays.  Will went to town on his cake!  He was such a mess, but so happy to have all of that cake. 

He's such a happy baby and we were so glad we got to spend the evening with them. 

Today was a regular old Monday.  After school the girls had tumbling and then we grabbed a quick dinner before heading to Harper's soccer practice.  Growing up such a girly girl and really only liking dance and cheer, this soccer thing is totally new to me.  However, I LOVE watching her play the sport she loves.  She had a great practice tonight.  She scored during the scrimmage at the end of her practice and after practice was over she asked me if we could stay for a little while longer.  She ran back and forth across that field dribbling and kicking goals.  I was so proud of her for wanting to really work her hardest to perfect some things she was working on.  Her next game is in two weeks and I can't wait to watch her in action.  

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