Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Georgia Aquarium Fun!

The kids are out of school all week long and I'm so happy about having them home with me.  We planned some really fun things for this week and the first day of the break started off with a day at the Georgia Aquarium!  

We had two extra tickets so I let each of the girls invite a friend to go with us.  Me and 5 kids headed downtown...I'm either a really brave mom or really stupid!  Actually though, all of the kids did great and were so good all day long.  

We loved looking around at all of the exhibits and enjoyed seeing all of the sea life.  

They kids all got really excited when there was a tunnel or kid area that got them up close and personal with some of the animals.  This tunnel gave them an inside view of the penguins.

 There are also several different areas where the kids get to touch different animals.  In this petting area they could touch sting rays and sharks!

Next we ate lunch and then made our way to the dolphin show.  We were told the first 10 rows are the "splash zone" and that if you sit in those rows you should be prepared to get soaked.  The kids decided they wanted to be on the very first row!  We were expecting to get really wet, but our section actually stayed totally dry.  I can't say the same for the other sections though.  The kids were disappointed, but I was just fine with that.

 We all loved the dolphin show and were so impressed with the trainers and the dolphins and all of the tricks they performed.  It was our favorite part of the day!

On the way out the kids each picked a small souvenir at the gift shop.  Each of the girls picked a "Best Friend" necklace to share together.

The whole experience made a big impression on the girls because they came home and played dolphin trainers the rest of the evening!

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