Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sleepover Fun

My kids just love sleepovers.  It brings back so many memories for me because I used to love sleepovers with my friends, too!  Last Friday was sleepover night for the girls with their BFF's from school and they were both beyond excited.  

The day before our neighbor brought over a lot of hand-me-downs and this adorable sleepover bag was in the load of stuff she brought.  It was perfect for Handley's sleepover at Olivia's! 

I dropped her off late afternoon and picked up Harper's friend to come to our house.  She and this sweet girl have gotten to be best buddies this year and they had been talking about this night for quite some time.  

They played and played.  We had pizza for dinner and they were sweet enough to include Hudson in their games since he was feeling left out without a playmate.

At one point I saw them playing with their baby dolls, fixing their hair to the side, and posing for selfies.  I thought to myself, if this isn't the perfect picture of children growing up in this digital technology age, I don't know what is!

After popcorn and a movie they attempted to go to bed.  Around 10 PM they were finally asleep, but not for as long as I would have hoped.

They woke me up around 4 AM asking for breakfast and when I went to tuck them back on the lights were on in the room and it looked as if they had been playing already.  I told them they needed to go back to bed because it was the middle of the night, but from what they told me around 6:30 when they came back to wake me up again, I think they had been up for hours playing!  I knew they would both need a nap that day.  

I'm so happy they had fun though and I just love the sweet girls my girls have formed friendships with!  

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