Friday, November 6, 2015

Trick-or-Treating 2015

Last weekend the kids had the best time trick-or-treating on Halloween.  After a day full of ball games we finally made it home late afternoon to change into their costumes.  

They all looked adorable and were so excited about being Taylor Swift, a black cat, and a pirate.  

Some of our neighbors came over for dinner before trick-or-treating and then we snapped a quick picture of everyone before we took off.  

Then it was time for the trick-or-treating, golf cart style, to begin.  There are three of us that have golf carts so we pile the kids on and start making the rounds.  The houses in our neighborhood are sort of far apart and most of the driveways are pretty long, so this helps us get to all of the house much faster. Plus, the kids (and dads) think it is so much fun!  

Because there aren't a ton of kids in our neighborhood a lot of people give full sized candy bars instead of the smaller sizes.  I'm sure they spend the same amount of money as they would on a big bag of snack sizes and the kids always say they have hit the "jackpot" when they get a large size.  

 As soon as we got back to our house after trick-or-treating the kids immediately started their trading. It was totally unprompted, but totally organized.  They had a "free" bucket in the middle where they placed things they didn't like.  That candy was free for anyone to take.  Next they all started making trades for their favorites and it was the cutest thing ever to see how excited they were about what they got.

It was a late night and they were all totally on a sugar overload, but all rules go out the window for us on Halloween and I'm just happy they all had so much fun.

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