Sunday, November 15, 2015

Special Outings with Gigi & Papa

Last Sunday Gigi had planned a special day with the girls...they were going to see Cinderella at The Fox Theater downtown!  They were so excited about this special treat and spent all morning picking out their outfits, primping, and putting on make-up.  

I got this picture from Gigi once they were there and I just knew they were having the best time.  After the show they met up with Papa and then went to have a hibachi style dinner at a Japanese restaurant, which was another fun treat.  

By the time the got home they were both talking so fast about all of the things they got to do and see that it was hard for me to keep up with it all.  The rest of the night they both kept telling little details about their special day and they just loved every minute of it.  

Now, Hudson was a little disappointed when he learned the girls were getting to go with Gigi and he was going to stay here.  Robby and I took him to lunch and talked up some fun we would have that afternoon, but before the girls came back he told me, "We didn't do anything fun like you said we would."  

He was still pouting a bit when they arrived back home so Gigi and Papa promised him he would get to have a special day with them very soon.  He didn't have to wait long because this Sunday was his turn.  They went to Medieval Times, which is like a dinner and a show all in one.  There are knights, horses, sword fighting and more. It was right up his alley and from the sound of it, he had an amazing time.  

These are some very lucky kiddos to get to do such fun things with their grandparents!  Thank you Gigi and Papa!!!  

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