Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Go Dawgs!

For a few years now I have been wanting to take the kids to a UGA football game in Athens and this past week was finally the night.  We got tickets and planned our day of football fun.  The game was scheduled for 7PM, which was both good and bad.  Good because we could take our time getting to Athens, but bad because it would mean a late night for the kids.  They did awesome though and the timing actually worked out great.

We left after lunchtime to make our way to Athens and stopped along with way for boiled peanuts from RT and chicken from Zaxby's.  We got parked in a deck downtown and started our own mini tailgate.  The kids were having so much fun running around and playing and it was nice because the place we were parked was pretty empty so we didn't have to worry about other cars or people.

After eating we started to walk towards the stadium.  We stopped along the way for a few pictures with the Bulldogs downtown and also at the Arch.

When we got to our seats the team was just being announced and we were SO excited to start cheering.

The sweet people behind us gave the kids some of their pom-poms so they were having fun shaking them around and cheering like crazy!  They also become wigs.

The game was really close (it should have been an easy game for us) but it made for an exciting time.   It was tied up and all this guy was thinking about was more popcorn!

We left half-way through the 3rd quarter because it was getting late and 2 of the 3 were ready to go.  We listen to the game on the way home and were so excited that our Dawgs pulled out the win.

It was such a fun night for our family and so neat for Robby and I to be back in Athens with our kids. It was the first game in Athens I had been to in years, and just the excitement of being in the town was really fun.

Hopefully we can make it to another game next year, knowing how much the kids enjoyed it and how great they did!

We didn't let our fun-filled weekend of football end there.  The next day Robby and I got to go the Falcon's game. I had not been to a Falcon's game in over 10 years, so it was a lot of fun, too!

At half-time the cadets from the Citadel performed and it was really neat for me to watch, especially because my dad graduated from the Citadel!

Unfortunately, the Falcons lost the game at the very end, but it was still fun day for us and we loved supporting our hometown team.

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