Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a very lovely Thanksgiving and really enjoyed our day.  We turned on the parade first thing in the morning and had so much fun watching the whole thing!  I remember watching it as a little girl and I love that the kids love to watch it with me now.

While we watched the girls helped me set the table with our fancy china and they got really into making everything look just right.

This year Gigi and Papa came over for our "feast" as the kids kept calling it, and we were excited to cook another turkey on the Big Green Egg.  This year we did a maple brine and it was SO good.  The turkey may look burnt, but it was perfect on the inside and so delicious.  Robby kept saying, "Bird is the WORD!"  Haha!

After we had our yummy meal we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was such a nice day and the kids enjoyed playing outside.  We all played a little Giant Jenga before heading back inside for dessert.

It was a nice relaxed day, and the perfect way to spend our Thanksgiving.

The next day the kids helped me decorate for Christmas and it was so much fun!  They were so excited about everything I pulled out and especially loved decorating the trees in their room.

We had a minor mishap with our big tree on Monday afternoon.  It came crashing down and pretty much every single ornament fell off.

Thankfully only a few were broken so I took the rest of the ornaments off that didn't come off with the fall and we decided to just start over again.  After some rearranging and adjustments the kids were excited to get to decorate it a second time.  Even Walker agreed, it looks better the second time around!  

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