Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope everyone else did, too!  We spent Christmas Eve around the house and then got dressed and ready for the candle light service at church.  The kids loved it and it thankfully no one caught themselves on fire!  Hudson was making me a little nervous with his candle, but he did great.  

 We came home and got ready for Gigi and Papa to come over.  We had dinner with them and then let the kids each open one gift.  Hudson loved his knight costume!  Then it was time to spread the reindeer food, put out cookies and treats for Santa and get the kids to bed.

They woke up several times during the night and were just so excited.  Harper came in our room around 1:30 telling me she saw a red nose outside her window.   :-)  Then finally it was morning and time to go see if Santa and been here.  And he had!  

The big thing the kids were asking for was a Wii and they were excited to get it along with some games and accessories.  Handley also got a Taylor Swift calendar and several CD's she was asking for. 

Harper received a few American Girl things and a school set because she loves to play teacher.

Hudson got Mario Cart of the Wii, Dino Charge weapons and a skateboard!

The living room was full of gifts and the kids were all so excited when they came running downstairs. 

Even Walker knew something was going on and felt the excitement.  He was the first one to come running into the room. 

Hudson was really excited about the gift he picked out for Robby.  He was shopping with me one day and saw a remote control helicopter and he was just SO determined to get it for him.  It was the cutest thing and he wouldn't let it go, so we bought it and he couldn't wait for him to open it on Christmas morning.

I was so excited to surprise everyone with the gifts I had picked out.  Smart watches for everyone!  The kids are LOVING theirs.  They can play games, time themselves, take pictures and videos, count their steps and more.  Robby was so surprised with his Apple watch and loves it, too!  

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