Friday, June 5, 2015

Swim Team!

Last week the girls had their first swim meet and I was totally unprepared for the chaos that is a swim meet.  I honestly had no idea what to expect and I'll just say that things ran very differently than how I thought they would.  Because the girls had only had a few practices, I also felt like they were unprepared and didn't really understand all that was going on.  All these numbers and letters and code for the events they were swimming in felt like a foreign language to me and them.  They swam their hearts out, but didn't have any great finishes, to say the least.  I left there thinking there was no way we would be doing swim team again next year.  I have changed my tune though.

Last night was their second meet and what a difference a week makes!  We felt so much more prepared!  I knew how things would go, what to expect, and the girls and been practicing like crazy all week at their swim practices, but also at the pool on their own.

When we arrived I was able to get their events written on them arms (this helps them know when and what events they are swimming) and then it was time to "decorate" them.

Handley was so cute because last week I wouldn't let them write anything but their events on them because of the dance recital and I was worried it wouldn't come off.  She had asked if I could please write on her more this week so that is what we did!  Some kids go crazy with the Sharpie, but we kept ours in check. :-)

Handley swam so great in all of her events and came in first for the breast stroke.  She even got a late start because she is still getting used to diving when she hears the horn, but she caught up and won that race in a big way. This was her climbing out of the pool after that race. She was SO excited.

Harper also did awesome. She is super fast and helped her team win the freestyle relay and she also won her back stroke event.

Despite the girls swimming awesome, the rain moved in last night.  Let me just tell you, there is nothing like volunteering during the meet in the pouring down rain with Hudson in tow because he wanted nothing to do with Robby.  Fun times...or not.  But, seeing how awesome the girls did and how much fun they had made it all worth it.  It's sweet, sweet memories they are making.  They are spending so much time with friends they all cheer each other on so much.

Plus, the ribbons and donut party they had this morning is almost enough to make me forget the misery of being soaked last night.  Almost.  They have this little party each morning after the meets and the girls are always so excited to eat donuts and get their ribbons. They are really racking them up!

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Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

I can't believe how quickly they picked it up! That's so awesome and exciting!!! It will be such a great summer for y'all!