Thursday, June 18, 2015

8 is GREAT! {Handley's Birthday}

Yesterday we had a great time celebrating Handley's birthday.  Because we had our big outing to the World of Coke on Tuesday, her actual birthday was a little more low key.  Robby and Harper woke her up by singing Happy Birthday so loudly that it also woke me up at the opposite end of the house.

Because we had a swim meet that night we let her open her presents from us early in the morning.  She was so sweet and gracious after every gift!

Next it was time for swim practice and then we came home to shower and get ready for lunch.  She picked the spot - McEntyre's Bakery.  It's one of our favorites and we all enjoyed a very yummy lunch and dessert.

On the way home we had a Taylor Swift dance party in the car. We were all jamming out and dancing like fools.  Such fun!  

We made our way to the pool to swim for about an hour so she could test out her new mermaid tail that she got as a gift from Mimi and Dadaw.  She is in LOVE with that thing and had so much fun swimming around in it.

We ended her special day at the swim meet.  Her entire team sang Happy Birthday (and I totally missed the photo op because I had no idea they were going to do that) and she felt so special all night.  Her special day must have brought her good luck, because she was amazing last night!  She won almost all of her races and was a swimming star!

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