Friday, June 26, 2015

Swim Team is OVER!!!

OK, I have a confession to make.  I am over the moon excited that today was the first day with no swim team since the summer began.  It ended yesterday and secretly inside I was jumping up and down and doing my happy dance.  I would never fully admit it to my girls though because they LOVED their first season of swim team.  They are already begging to do it again next year, so I'm sure we will.  I am happy to have this first season behind us.  It was a big commitment having to be a practice every morning and the late nights for weekly meets were also tough.  However, seeing how much fun they had and how much they progressed as the season went on was awesome.  They were good swimmers before, but now they are super strong swimmers and their strokes have really improved.  Also, it was great for them to have sweet coaches as role models and the socializing they got to do with their friends was one of their favorite things!  We did meet a lot of new people, so that was really fun!

Their last meet was supposed to be on Wednesday, but the thunder in nearby areas kept delaying the start time.  The kids didn't seem to mind one bit.  The pool we were at was playing fun music and our awesome high school coaches got the kids up to dance.  They were having blast and I know it's a night they will remember for a long time...even though they didn't even swim!

After waiting over an hour to start the meet the weather took a turn for the worse so they ended up canceling the meet.  The girls were so disappointed, but they had the next morning to look forward to!  The end of the year swim team party was a fun time for them to be able to swim and play with friends.  They also received their trophies and Harper received a coaches award.  I'm so proud of them and all of their accomplishments and awards from this season!

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