Monday, June 1, 2015

Rhythm Orphan Annie - Dance Recital Time!

Friday night was the big show!  The girls had been practicing and practicing for their recital and were so excited to finally have the big day arrive.  

We stopped for dinner on the way down there and then arrived just in time to get the girls all settled backstage in the dressing room. There we met up with all of their friends and the excitement from all of these cute girls was on overload!  

I didn't take any pictures during their performances because I was just so excited to watch and soak up every second.  They both danced their little hearts out and did such a great job!  

Gigi and Papa were there, along with Handley's best friend, Olivia. Both girls were so excited to have so many people watching them in the audience and they loved the beautiful flowers from Gigi and Papa! 

Hudson fell asleep after the girls performed and he was out until Robby got him home later that evening.

I stayed with the girls after intermission to let them watch a little more of the show and they were in awe of the older girls.  Each of them got a CD with a lot of the music from the show and when we got home Handley didn't want to go to bed because she was listening and dancing around in her room.

We're happy to have another year of dance in the books, but they are already excited about next year!

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