Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jumping Rock

Most weekends when we are at the lake we are there with friends or family, but this past weekend we had a rare weekend up there alone.  It was just us and we had so much fun!  After getting there just after dinner on Friday we ate dinner and went right out for a sunset cruise.  The views were so beautiful!  

Saturday we spent the day at the north end of the lake and found the best beach ever.  We hung out there all day long and spent lots of time paddle boarding and just relaxing in the sun.

After that we stopped by the jumping rock.  We used to go all of the time before kids, but I think this might be the first time we took our little ones there.  Of course they were all up for jumping at varying heights.  At first, Handley jumped off the lower ledge.

And Harper did, too!  They both loved it and were so brave to jump again and again.  

Of course Hudson didn't want to be left out so Robby helped him jump from the very bottom.  

Then Robby jumped off the big jumping rock and Handley swam over to the boat and begged me to let her jump.

 I was nervous and not sure, but Robby said she would be fine and I knew I couldn't deny her adventurous spirit so I let her go.  And she loved it!

We spent Sunday wake-boarding for most of the day and Harper even gave it a try.

It was a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to be back there in a few weeks!  

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