Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Update

Our Friday started off so sweetly!  At pre-school the three's were doing a "spring sing" and we got to hear our boy sing in the big church.  I kept asking him what songs he was going to be singing and he couldn't ever tell me.  I wasn't quite sure how this would all go down.  All the kiddos did so well and I was super proud of Hudson.

He was so happy to find us in the crowd and although he might not have sang all of the songs, he stood up there, smiled and waved to us every chance he got.  Here he is walking of the stage and still waving!  

He was so happy to have Robby and I both there to see him sing and felt so proud of himself for doing a great job.  

When we got home that afternoon he and I stayed outside to play and enjoy the sunshine before going to pick up the girls from he bus stop.

On Saturday, Gigi and Papa came to watch Harper's soccer game with us and then stayed for dinner.  Harper did great, ran fast, and even got to play goalie for the first time this season.  She had a lot of fun and loved having fans cheering for her.  

This morning the girls enjoyed waving palm branches in "big church" for Palm Sunday.  They looked so sweet and I am so happy we are involved with a church that does so much to include children.

We spent the rest of the day playing outside, enjoying our new swingset, having a playdate with neighbors and ending the evening with scores over the campfire.  It was a wonderful weekend and we are excited about just one more week of school before Spring Break!!!

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Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

What a cute little boy you have! And look at him waving! I'm excited for my little man to start preschool. Well, it'll be bittersweet actually! ;)

And my kids received palm branches too! I love that they get the children involved!