Friday, March 20, 2015

Handley's Field Trip

What a week.  Or two or three.  These have been the busiest of times and I have felt overwhelmed, stressed, and running ragged.  Is it summer yet?!? Plus, I've been dealing with this: 

A very stubborn, very cranky 3-year old who has multiple tantrums and meltdowns a day. It is exhausting.  The good news is, I have had so many friends giving me support, understanding, and reassurances that it is a phase and will pass. Until then I will keep on keeping on.  I do have lots of fun things to document, but just haven't had the energy to do so, but trying to get a fresh start on things starting now before I get too far behind.

Last week I had the opportunity to be a chaperone for the 2nd grade field trip to the Atlanta History Center. I was just as excited as the 2nd graders because despite the fact that I have lived in Atlanta almost my entire life, I had never been.  

We did not get to see a lot of the museum, but I saw enough to know that I wanted to go back.  What the kids did take part in was a Civil Rights experience that put them in different scenarios that actually took place during those times.  It was informative, eye-opening, and memorable for all of us in attendance.  

Being Freedom Riders on a bus. 

Being freedom riders on a bus. 
At the last scenario, Handley got chose to be a waitress in the diner scene and she loved her role. :-)  

It was such a fun day with my biggest girl and her friends and I loved every moment of it! 

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