Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's soccer season!!!

Today marked the first game of soccer seasons for Harper.  I think I was more excited than she was.  She was a little nervous or timid and kind of seemed embarrassed when we were talking to her about her game and how excited we were to watch her. I was a little unsure how the game would go today.  The new age group she is in has girls in Kindergarten and First grade.  She sat on the bench for the first 5-10 minutes while the first group of girls played and then they switched and her was her turn.  Even though she seemed to be fidgeting with her hands while waiting on the ball to get into play, as soon as the whistle blew she was off. I don't know why I worried.  She was fast, she was aggressive and she rocked it out on the field.  She scored the first goal for her team and she was so excited!  I was so proud of her and I definitely feel confident that soccer is going to be her sport.

She's playing on the same team as her best friend from school and they were so cute congratulating each other after the game.

In other big news, Mimi and Dadaw are here for the weekend and we have loved seeing them.  They came to visit Trey and Stefanie's new baby, Will, who we are all in love with, but they are staying with us, so we have gotten lots of fun time visiting.  They were able to see Harper's game today and after that Hudson got Mimi playing a game of soccer.  Next season he'll be able to play on a team and I know he will love it, too!

And the most exciting news of the day is that we got swing-set today!  It came from family nearby that had children who had outgrown it and were happy to take it off of their hands.  Our kids are beyond thrilled and even though we need to replace  few things before it is complete, they have already gotten a lot of fun play out of it today.  My dad was here to help Robby get the area set up around the swing set and I know we'd still be working on it.

This evening we went over to Trey and Stefanie's which was so much fun.  We all got a chance to hold baby Will and the kids played for hours outside.  It was the best night and so much fun.

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