Friday, March 6, 2015

Playdate Fun

We have been trying to connect with a cute little guy from Hudson's class for a while now and yesterday was finally the day. Hudson calls him his "best buddy" and they both have a big love of super heroes and Ninja Turtles.  His mom and I were both cracking up when they showed up because they were both dressed exactly the same.  I said you know it's going to be a fun playdate when both friends show up wearing the same thing.  They ran around, check out all the toys and played games for over 2 hours.  When they left, Hudson was already talking about the next playdate!  

Later that day, Handley's BFF from school come over to play and showed up with the sweetest piece of artwork she had created. It made my heart smile to see what her friends think of her and definitely made me thankful for the sweet and caring friends my kids have.  

Two days ago it was 70 degrees and this morning it snowed.  Talk about crazy weather.  I know spring has to be on it's way though because these daffodils have bloomed. Our yard was bulldozed, dirt was moved around, concrete trucks drove all over and these beautiful flowers still popped up!  That has got to be a sign of Spring and new beginnings.

This afternoon we had some fun neighbors over to play after school and when Robby got home we walked up to the local burger place across from our neighborhood. It's so yummy and super fun to be able to walk to from our house!

After dinner we made a pit stop to let the kids pick out ice cream bars and then home to enjoy dessert before everyone hit the hay!  It was such a fun family night and we're all excited about the weekend ahead!

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