Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2nd Grade Musical

Tonight was the 2nd grade patriotic musical at school.  Handley's class, along with the other 9 2nd grade classes, have been practicing for this for a few months.  They've been learning songs, learning their lines, and gearing up for the big night.

After dance today we did a quick change, ran through Chick-fil-a for dinner for the kids, and then made our way to the school.  I though we were early (30 minutes ahead of the start of the show) and I still had a seat WAY in the back of the cafeteria. That's OK though because when it was time for her class to come up and say their lines the people behind us didn't mind us standing to get a better view.  

She did great and they all sang their little hearts out.  I loved seeing all of the red, white, and blue and it made me super excited for summertime and the 4th of July.

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